andrea gregori


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MAUERFRAGMENTE - Fragments of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall bisected the city from 1961 to 1989. The West side was sprayed with graffiti, whose reminiscence remains now only in the many photos of it. After the reunification of the city, the Wall was almost completely destroyed. A surviving section was however painted, this time on the East side, by several artists, who created in this way the “East Side Gallery”. These pictures are among the most famous of Berlin.

The time has then eroded and turned into a ruin also this stretch, part of which has recently undergone a restoration work.

My photographs show details of the not yet restored part. With my “fragments” I want to show that it has a great charm, and perhaps is even more significant than the other one, because it more evidently bears the marks of the time and the events, it is in itself a symbol of the History.